Our volunteers are dedicated to keeping "the Emma" open to the greater Newburyport Community. 

From providing desk service to custodial tasks to numerous special events and fundraisers, they can be counted on to do a great job with a smile!

The Emma is a 100% volunteer-run organization. 

As a volunteer, you can make a difference in your own life, in the lives of others, and in the library's future.  

The reasons for volunteering at the Emma are just as varied as people themselves.  Some come to help because they:

  • Have an interest in the Library
  • Are eager to help support and enhance library services
  • Need to complete community service hours for school
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others
  • Like learning new skills
  • Want to give back their community
  • All of the above plus enjoying social interaction

Contact or visit us if you would like learn more.

Volunteer Staff:

  • Rebecca Wish Esche, President
  • Elizabeth Valeriani, Vice President
  • Elizabeth Watson, Corresponding Secretary
  • Anne Recchia, Recording Secretary
  • Virginia Champi, Treasurer
  • Susan Chase, Librarian
  • Ellen Andrews, Book Return Coordinator
  • Priscilla Bellairs, Coordinator of Authors Evenings
  • Mary Brooks, Petty Cash Coordinator & Chief Refreshment Provider
  • Joyce Cejka, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ann Lynch, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Susan MacPhee, Web Strategist and Designer, portfolio
  • Marylyn Roberts, Childrens Book Coordinator
  • Ann Snell, Membership Coordinator
  • Michael Valeriani, Web Site Editor
  • Geri Buzzotta
  • Donna Conway
  • Susan Dodge
  • Barbara Dunbar
  • Carol Elwell
  • Aine Greaney
  • Phyllis Hill
  • Nel Horth
  • Sandra Johnson
  • Marge Killam
  • Kim Klapes
  • Arlene Lauro
  • Joyce Lee
  • Leslie MayJean Noonan
  • Fran Short
  • Emily Stroher
  • Mary Tagliamonte
  • Janice Tangney
  • Carolyn Toloczko

Show your support by helping the Emma today.